Do you want Nerd HQ? I want my Nerd HQ 2014!

nerd hqHow can YOU help The Nerd Machine aka Zach Levi?

Well, you could help fund his awesome Indiegogo campaign to bring Nerd HQ 2014 to San Diego during San Diego Comic Con International, but the plus side… you don’t need a Comic Con ticket to get into this event.The Nerd HQ is free for everyone, but it’s just during the same time as Comic Con.

There are games, parties, concerts, and giveaways during this event! All of it is free to play and enjoy. There are charging stations for your phones and electronics, so if you are at Comic Con and need a break, Nerd HQ is just a block away!

NerdHQ Doctor Who 5

If you would like to attend the geeky panels (last year consisted of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tom Hiddleston, Nathan Fillion), you can for a small cost that goes directly to Operation Smile. The “Conversations for a Cause” panels also stream online for free for everyone to enjoy.

Keep in mind, the money going to the Indiegogo campaign is not going to charity. It’s going to the costs of operating and preparing Nerd HQ, but the tickets to the “Conversations for a Cause” panels, auctions, photos and signings will be donated to charity. Don’t let that hinder you from donating to this awesome event!

What are the perks? Well, to be fair… they are all equal in no matter how much you pay. Anything is appreciated. With your donation, you can have your name on the Nerd HQ Wall of Honor that will be on display at Petco Park. It will also be on the Nerd Machine website. Every contribution matters. You are all important in helping fund this campaign.

Check out more information and to donate here.

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