We check out Nerd Block, the monthly mystery package, for the month of March

NerdBlock - 01

You probably have been hearing about these monthly mystery package subscription where you get a mystery box each month filled with nerdy swag. There’s Loot Crate, and then there’s Nerd Block. Nerd Block ($19.99) is a bit pricier than Loot Crate ($13.37), but what it guarantees is a geeky t-shirt each month. We were able to get our hands on Nerd Block’s March Mystery Box.

Nerd Block comes in a mid-size cardboard box. Upon opening this month’s box, we were treated with a Metroid t-shirt, an Iron Man 3 Papercraft Playset, a Star Wars Luke Skywalker Vinyl Bobble Head, a Superman keychain, a Portal Sentry Turret mystery box, and a small squeezable Super Mario Super Star.

Not all nerds are the same, so some of the items may not be to their liking. But since I’m a collector, gamer, fan of superheroes and space operas, this month’s swag is great. We get items from franchises like Superman, Super Mario, Portal, Iron Man, Star Wars and Metroid.

NerdBlock - 03

Some may think the Metroid t-shirt is the prized item, but for me, it’s the Iron Man 3 Papercraft Playset. It comes in a thin package, and upon opening it, you’re tasked with assembling the playset and figures made out of paper. It comes with Tony Stark, three Iron Man suits, two sets (Hall of Armor and Tony Stark’s office), furniture and other accessories.

NerdBlock - 04

Below you can see the little collectibles including a Funko Pop Star Wars Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Vinyl Bobble Head, Portal’s Sentry Turret miniature figure, and Superman keychain.

NerdBlock - 02

The cool thing about Nerd Block is that the cost is a flat rate of $19.99, whether you’re in ‘Murica, Canada, or in Europe. Shipping price depends on location and the type of shipping. Regular shipping in the States is $9.50. If you’re in Canada, regular shipping is $8.75. Australian, UK, and other European shipping are $12.50.

If you are into collecting geeky items, the monthly $19.99 price tag (plus shipping), is a great deal. Check them out at the NerdBlock site.

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