The Flash full outfit and Speed Force teaser?

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Last week we got a bit of a teaser with only a bit of the costume that Grant Gustin would be donning as Barry Allen’s The Flash. Now we get to see the whole thing!

If you didn’t know, The Flash is a spin-off of CW’s hit TV show, Arrow, starring Stephen Amell (the show is also one of Nerd Reactor’s favorites). Grant Gustin appeared in 2 episode of Arrow playing Barry Allen, a dorky criminal/forensics scientist for Central City Police Department who came to do some investigating on what we could only assume was the birth of Solomon Grundy. His dorky vibe made many swoon over a character who was also easily relatable. He somehow became the object of Felicity Smoak’s affection, competing a bit with Oliver Queen.


Movie and comic book great, Mark Millar, who wrote such comics as Wanted, Kick-Ass and Superior, as well as producing awesome movies and comic book arcs like the Old Man Logan and Marvel’s Civil War, tweeted about the new Flash outfit.

mark millar

Some people have noticed a few details that even I didn’t notice, but the biggest part of the picture I am looking at is the lightning behind him. Of course this can be an ode to the “fast as lightning” saying, but to me lightning is important in the Flash because it signified his ability to tap into the “Speed Force,” which he has used on more than one occasion. One of my favorite representations of this was in the animated Justice League series where Wally West was The Flash. In the animated show, he tapped into the speed force to take down Brainiac/Lex Luthor when his team was defeated.

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The Speed Force even allows him to time travel, which was the cause of Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox.

I, myself, can not wait for this show to begin, but until then, we still have Arrow to watch. What do you guys think?

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