Devastation DLC has you fight a 100-foot Cryptid Kraken in Call of Duty: Ghosts


Ever wanted to fight a 100-foot enemy Kraken and live to tell the tale? Call of Duty: Ghosts’s second DLC will be letting you do just that with the upcoming Devastation DLC in the newest episode, “Mayday.”

Devastation also includes four new multiplayer maps: “Ruins” is set in a Mayan Temple, “Collision” is set in a container ship in New York City, “Behemoth” is set in South America and “Unearthed.” Devastation will also feature “Dome” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, redone and re-imagined.


Also season pass owners get access to the Ripper weapon for multiplayer maps today. The Ripper can switch between a submachine gun and assault rifle in battle.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will recieve the Devastation DLC first on April 3rd. The DLC will retail for $14.99 as a stand alone, or free for season pass holders.

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