Contest: CHI Kaiju USB Flash Drive Giveaway

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Kaijus are making a huge comeback recently in America with films like Pacific Rim and the upcoming Godzilla film. Now we have teamed up with Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians to give one winner a chance at winning the prototype CHI Kaiju 8GB USB Flash Drive (valued at $25). The Kickstarter campaign is still happening, so if you want to help support, go ahead and pledge.

Here’s How To Enter

Kaiju are basically giant monsters. Many are based on animals, while others are machines or robots. If you could be an original Kaiju, what kind of Kaiju would you be? Answer in the comment section below.

Contest ends on Thursday, March 20th. Open to U.S. residence. Winner will be announced shortly after on the Contests Page. Winner will be responsible for contacting me before the given deadline.

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