Idina Menzel’s name changes to Adele Dazeem on the playbill of her If/Then musical

At first I felt sorry for Idina Menzel when John Travolta pronounced her name wrong at the Oscars (he pronounced it as Adele Dazeem). Now, I feel sorry for John Travolta for being the butt of everybody’s joke, including Idina Menzel herself. Menzel is currently starring in the If/Then musical. And if you were fortunate enough to attend the Broadway show, you got a very special playbill that switches out Idina Menzel with Adele Dazeem. Yes, even the If/Then team has a sense of humor about it.

adele dazeem idina menzel if then

The playbill has been completely Travoltized (let’s get that trending). Rent has been turned into Nert, Wicked becomes Wicked-ly and Frozen becomes Farfignugen.

Source: Twitter via Hitflix

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