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Here yee, here yee. Guess what? I really didn’t like the movie Gravity. As surprising as this is, a lot of people disagree with my opinion. Well, maybe not a lot. More like everybody disagrees. For some reason, most people adored this film. It was all over every social media site for weeks. Yes, I do agree that visually, it’s stunning. But as far as story line and pacing goes, I wanted to shoot myself.

Well, I stumbled across some interesting theories while browsing through reddit today, and I wanted to share them with you. No, none of these make me like the movie more. But hey, it does kind of make sense. I love conspiracies anyway, since they make me question life. So let’s just right into it! (Keep in mind this contains a buttload of spoilers!)

A lot of fans are passing around the rumor that Dr. Stone, played by Sandra Bullock, didn’t actually make it back alive. They’re saying that at some point, she died, and what we are seeing is nothing less than a hallucination. Some say that she dies when she drifts off into space the first time the debris hits, others say that she drowns in the lake, and then some are getting really deep and are suggesting that Stone died in a car crash when she first discovers the death of her daughter.

I think the most logical theory is the one in which she dies on the escape pod after she turns off the oxygen. Everything after, is just a dream for Stone. We just get to see what happens to her after death.  A white light is very common when talking about near death experiences, we’ve all heard this.

If you’ve seen the film, you know that Kowalski visits her after she attempts to commit suicide. It’s also common to see a holy figure after you see a white light, usually letting us know where the hell we’re going to end up. Since Stone is atheist, she instead sees Kowalski, who obviously has made a big impact on her life. Not to mention the fact he’s dressed in white.

Remember the Chinese Space Station? Dr. Stone was on her way to it so that she could make her way back to Earth. The station is called Tiangong, which translates to “Heavenly Place.” Strange.

A lot of people are relating her symptoms to hypoxia, which does explain a lot. For example, a less common symptom of it is hot flashes. When she is in the escape pod going back to Earth, she is falling back into the atmosphere so quickly that the pod has caught fire, like most space debris moving fast. It’s also shaking a lot, and seizures just happen to be a symptom of hypoxia as well. There are also plenty of white lights surrounding Stone as she falls back to land.

Lastly, at the end of the movie, she finally lands in a lake somewhere unknown. She swims out of the sinking pod and floats back to land. As you can see, mountains and greenery surround Stone. You can hear pleasant sounds such as birds and insects, and overall it’s just a good feeling to not be in space anymore. Basically, she has finally reached paradise. Or in other words, heaven. Then the film ends.

Did I make you question your entire being? Good. Personally, I believe this is all just a fanbase looking far too into things. I think Gravity is just a basic film of an astronaut surviving and finally making it through a life or death experience. However, I do have to admit that all of this relates quite closely to what Stone goes through. It’s pretty cool to look at from a different perspective, and I am a sucker for conspiracy theories.

So grab a cup of tea, put on your thinking cap, and let’s talk about the conspiracy behind Gravity!

Here is the original post, where you can read some more things I didn’t include.

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