Game of Thrones mixtape coming soon


For the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, HBO is planning to release a mixtape titled Catch the Throne. The mixtape will help new viewers catch up to the most recent season. Many hip hop artists who describe themselves as Game of Thrones fans have signed on to do this mixtape.

Fans/artists such as Common, Wale, Big Boi, and Daddy Yankee are taking lead. The mixtape also gives up-and-coming artists like Bodega Bamz and Sno Tha Product a chance to spit fire. They will be rapping about the show’s characters and the power struggle that is happening.

Common describes the show as:

Game of Thrones centers around battles for power and rap is definitely a battle for power.

Lucinda Martinez, the SVP of Multicultural Marketing at HBO told VIBE:

Helping people catch up was the genesis of the idea. We know that hip-hop impacts all audiences and realized there were a lot of artists who were fans of the show. We thought this could be a great opportunity to have them sing or rap or whatever their artistic interpretation of the show was to help us create stunts that we could share through music.

Expect the mixtape to come out sometime this month. You can check it out here and also listen to a sample of the mixtape from the source below.

Source: VIBE

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