Arrow gets a ‘movie’ trailer and season 2 development news


If you haven’t seen the “movie” trailer for the upcoming episodes of CW’s hit TV show, Arrow, you seriously need to get on it right away (see it below). Stephen Amell is probably one of the best celebrities around when it comes to dealing with fans. He runs his own Facebook page, expresses his honest opinions even if he knows people won’t like it, and never says no to a fan who meets him and asks for a picture.

But in tonight’s episode, Oliver Queen will be facing his former mentor now turned mortal enemy, Slade Wilson (AKA Deathstroke). Why is this so important to the show and why is there so much hate? Well without giving away too much, Slade seems to hate Oliver Queen because of his relationship with his love Shado. They don’t really dig too much into his current hate for Oliver Queen, being that the show follows both the current time in the Arrow universe as well as the time spent on the island.

Stephen Amell also posted that “Tonight it’s time to Hood Up for the very first time,” attaching the picture seen at the top of this article. In it you can see that this looks like an early rendition of his current costume with no need for facial cover, more primitive arrows, and longer hair barely peaking out from under the hood.

Suicide Squad

With such an amazing first season, it was difficult to believe that season 2 could be better, but CW has proved that they know how to make comic book hero television shows. Stephen Amell has also proved his acting chops over and over again, providing us with some real insight and emotion with his character. If you want to see more, tune into CW and check your local listing. You won’t be disappointed with what’s going to happen, especially with the arrival of Argus and the Suicide Squad.

Oh yeah and don’t worry, the producers have said not to worry about the relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Something is going to happen that should satisfy us fans!

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