Man stabs another with the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda


According to Click2Houston, a man got into a fight with his girlfriend’s estranged husband and had to defend himself. Apparently, the man and his girlfriend got into an argument and the girlfriend called her estranged husband to the house. That’s when a brawl happened between the two men.

During the fracas, the boyfriend had to defend himself and the only weapon he had near him just happened to be a replica Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. The husband and the boyfriend fought for the sword, with the boyfriend stabbing him in the chest and leg for trying to get the sword. The husband also smashed a flower pot over the boyfriend’s head.

The boyfriend is a cosplayer and had the sword as a prop for when he goes to conventions. The husband probably thought it was fake and wouldn’t hurt him. Looks like he thought wrong. Both men went to the hospital for different injuries. I guess it helps to have all those cosplay weapons, as you never know when you need to defend yourself.

Source: Click2Houston

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