Preview of this week’s ‘Through The Wormhole’ with Morgan Freeman

On the Science Channel, the hit series Through the Wormhole returns, as Morgan Freeman sheds some light on questions and ideas often left in smaller social circles (and often times between friends who had too much to smoke, if you know what I mean). On Wednesday, March 5th, at 10pm PT/ET, this week’s episode explores the question of whether the concept of “God” is universal.

To those new to Through the Wormhole, the series started in 2010 and covered topics such as “Is there a Creator?”, “Are We Alone?”, “Is the Universe Alive?”, “Can We Eliminate Evil?” and “Will Sex Become Extinct?” Currently running its fifth season, the series continues the documentaries that cover the various thought experiments and theoretical physics questions that could easily take you hours of researching across Google. What the show does well is condensing a lot of information with concise and effective representation, not so much to resolve the question, but to arm you with enough information to raise you to a higher level of awareness than the day before.


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