Karl Urban says ‘conversations’ are happening with Lionsgate for Dredd 2

Is Mega City One ready for their top cop to return? All of us fans sure hope so! Despite the movie being well-received, it didn’t gross near what it should

Game of Thrones unveils more character posters

To cap off an entire day of poster unveilings for Game of Thrones from various sites, HBO has unveiled the rest of the character posters featuring Ygritte, Margaery Tyrell, Littlefinger,

Pogs get a live-action trailer ‘where they play for keepsies’

I remember a time when I collected Pogs and competed in intense games when I was young in the 90s. Pogs may seem harmless, but it introduced kids to the

Fire and Blood: Daenerys and Jorah get character posters and a teaser

With Game of Thrones’ getting closer to returning to television, Yahoo! TV has revealed two new Season 4 posters highlighting much beloved Targaryen clan: Daenerys Targaryen and Ser Jorah Mormont. With the

Hear Me Roar: Lannister family posters and a teaser unveiled

With Game of Thrones’ getting closer to returning to television, Entertainment Weekly has revealed five new Season 4 posters highlighting the hated Lannister family: Tyrion, Tywin, Joffrey, Jaime and Cersei. The Lannisters continue

Falcon gets a Captain America: The Winter Soldier character poster

Not to be left behind, Captain America’s best friend Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie) finally gets his own character poster. Check it out! Those familiar with the mainstream 616

The North remembers: Stark family posters and a teaser unveiled

With Game of Thrones’ getting closer to returning to television, IGN has revealed four new Season 4 posters highlighting the Stark family: Arya, Bran, Sansa and Jon Snow. The Starks (and fans

The LEGO Movie called out for promoting communism and anti-capitalism

By Spencer Blohm It seems like an unlikely, even odd choice to make a film based on actual toys. Granted, it’s been done before, but Transformers and G.I. Joe weren’t

Man of Steel is the 2013 film of choice by cyber criminals

Man of Steel hasn’t been getting a lot of love. It was met with mixed reactions from critics and fans when the movie came out (it still made enough to

Godzilla trailer reveals our first look at the legendary monster

In the wake of the Godzilla roar that was revealed yesterday, Legendary and Warner Bros have released a brand new trailer for Godzilla. Similar to the previous trailer, the new

Just take all this Persona news. Take it!

You know all those Persona projects that Atlus announced a couple months back? Good news is finally in regarding them, as they’re all heading over to NA within the year,

The chemistry behind Sriracha. Just because

Why do people love to add Sriracha to everything? While no amount of science can pinpoint the real reason behind the popularity of the rooster sauce (at least, maybe not

Kickstarter: The Secret Identity Show needs your help!

What would happen if you had Superman, Batman and Spider-Man living in the same place in the City of Sin? With this show, you could find out… except they aren’t

The Lego Movie official blooper reel is beyond hilarious

Since its release on February 7th, The Lego Movie has been making headlines everywhere. It’s just an all around great movie. Almost every outlet and ranking system unanimously voted positive

Survey reveals why PS4 is outselling Xbox One

Even though both next-gen consoles are doing well, the PlayStation 4 is currently outselling the Xbox One. It was announced by Sony that the PS4 has sold almost twice as

Twitch is coming to the Xbox One next month

Twitch is the biggest video platform for gamers in the world, with over 45 million broadcasters and viewers. With the PlayStation 4, Twitch was able to garner more members, although

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes to feature second-screen app, carry-over data and exclusive DLC

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is almost upon us in less than a month, and Konami has some new info for the prologue game to Metal Gear Solid V:

’10 Cent Pistol’ film needs your help!

Ten Cent Pistol, starring fan-favorite Jena Malone and legend Joe Mantegna, is a movie about two criminals who manage their way through LA’s seedy underground while on the hunt for riches,

Fans leave flowers and Twinkies at Ghostbuster firehouse in memory of Harold Ramis

The geek world was stunned by the loss of actor, director and screenwriter Harold Ramis. Today fans around the world grieved in unison for their fallen childhood hero. The Ghostbuster

Rumor: Is Joss Whedon attached to Avengers 3?

  It only takes one slip up for rumors to spread like wildfire. In this case, it’s Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce that let one minor thing slip, but