Why I like Anna more than Elsa (Frozen)

If you have not seen Frozen, please be aware of spoilers.

A lot of people are head over heels for the new film, Frozen. It’s won plenty of awards, it’s all over Facebook, and there are countless cosplays at every convention. Well, scratch that. There are countless Elsa cosplays at every convention. Elsa, Elsa, Elsa. That’s all we hear about when we talk about Frozen. She is the center of attention when it comes to this fantastic film, but why? What about Anna?

Don’t get me wrong, I adore this film. When I saw it in theatres for the first time, I automatically knew why everyone was so in love with it. I loved the characters, except for Hans but we all know why, and I just adored everything about it. But the one thing I did not understand, is why everyone was so involved with Elsa’s character, but not with Anna’s.

When I saw it on the big screen, I actually thought the film itself was about Anna, not Elsa. I got the part where Elsa had powers, and froze the kingdom so she had to unfreeze it, but Anna was more of the main character in my eyes. She is such a strong character, and everyone is so up Elsa’s ass that no one seems to realize it.

First off, let’s talk about how strong Anna actually is. I mean, the poor girl had to sit in her castle for years and years not knowing why, and not having anyone to talk to. She was sheltered from the outside world while Elsa hid away in her room. Not to mention the fact Anna had to deal with the death of her parents by herself. I mean, so did Elsa, but that was her choice.

Secondly, when Elsa’s powers are finally revealed at her coronation, she runs away. Up to the top of the mountains, leaving everyone stuck in a frozen kingdom. Anna, being the second person with the highest power, has to deal with it entirely herself. Even better, Anna goes out into the snow, alone, just to look for Elsa. Elsa didn’t talk to her for nearly a decade, and Anna still loves her sister enough to go out into the cold and search for the person who just ruined the entirety of Arendelle.

When Anna gets back to her people, we all know what Hans does. The first person she wanted to marry, the first person she fell in love with, destroys her entirely. On top of that, she is slowly turning into ice. So she’s dying, she got her heart broken, and her kingdom is falling apart.

Eventually Elsa saves Anna, restores the kingdom, and comes back from her ice tower, but honestly, how does that compare to what Anna did at all? She went to the moon and back, not for herself, but for others. Anna didn’t have too, but she still did. If it wasn’t for Anna, the film would of been entirely different. Arendelle could have stayed frozen forever, and Hans could have taken over. But because of Anna’s strength and love for others, everything turned out to be okay.

Yes, I do agree that Elsa is badass. She too had to deal with her powers, keeping everything inside, and the death of her parents. However, Anna was a way stronger character when comparing the two. Everyone likes Elsa for obvious reasons, and it kind of ruins Frozen for me as whole. I really wish Anna would get more appreciation, she definitely deserves it. At least way more then Elsa does.

Agree or not agree, Frozen is a fantastic film and my intentions weren’t to hurt anyone’s feelings, but to prove a point. I hope in the future people come to realize that Anna was way under appreciated.

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