Patriot FUEL+: Your battery savior!

PatriotFuelWe all have some kind of replacement battery for our phone, and others have extra phone chargers lying around somewhere. I’ll lay it on thick, Patriot has a nice Lithium-ion battery which can almost charge your phone with more than one full charge! And it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, as long as you have your USB charging cord, it will plug into this device.

Back in early January, Nerd Reactor was able to acquire the FUEL+ and I volunteered to put it through some rigorous usage. At one point, it even fell down a hiking trail and got wet. Guess what? It’s still good! The chassis of the device, being a hard plastic, can handle some careless handling. Just don’t throw it under a car to prove a point. The FUEL+ is just under four inches in length and has a thickness of about one inch.

The Patriot FUEL+ model I used is 5200mAh and possesses a 5V 2.5A port and a 5V 1A port. The benefit is that you can charge one tablet, like an Apple iPad or iPad mini, with enough output to really make a difference. Given the rarity of a 2.5Amp output on the market, this is definitely a benefit that puts Patriot’s product above its competitors. If you’re worried that this thing might combust like many Lithium-ion batteries in recent history, rest assured it has been designed for laptop quality standards. To deter under-discharge, overcharging, and short-circuiting, the FUEL+ is internally designed with protection to ensure an effective and safe charging cycle. It features a power pass-through technology that enables the battery to be charged when plugged into a USB or wall outlet, while charging other devices. I know, because I’ve done it many times before realizing this wasn’t a common thing! I’m personally glad Patriot thought of this.

To further clarify the difference between the 2.5A port and the 1A port on the device, you would be using the 2.5A port to charge tablets, while the 1A port is used for smartphones. I’ve tried putting the 2.5A port to charge my smartphone and the battery would start to heat up – so I advise against it. And when it comes to determining how much of a charge you have left, on the side of the FUEL+, there is a power button symbol which serves two purposes: to activate the FUEL+ and start charging, and to check how much juice is left on your FUEL+ (4 lights = 100%, 3 lights = 75%, 2 lights = 50%, 1 light = 25%). Patriot notes that the device can go through 300 full cycles before being reduced to 70% battery integrity, so this will definitely last you for a long time.

When you acquire a Patriot FUEL+, it comes with a short micro-USB cable and a quick-start guide. Although the micro-USB cable is intended for charging, you can use it as a spare cable to plug devices into your laptop. There is no Apple Lightning peripheral native to the package, so you will need to provide your own. Although it does not possess a wall-charger, many locations have USB wall-jacks as a direct alternative to having a wall-charger, especially airports and certain universities. I’ve even seen USB charging stations at some malls in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Between myself and various reviews on the net, we all have an appreciation for the technology that Patriot has put into the FUEL+. I highly recommending getting yourself one, especially if you’re constantly mobile like myself.

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