ICYMI: What you should know this week, February 28 2014

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A roundup of news from Nerd Reactor you should know this week, in case you missed it.

Marvel looking at four directors to direct Doctor Strange
Sorcerer Supreme fans rejoice, as rumors of Doctor Strange getting a Hollywood debut comes to fruition. It’s been reported that 4 different directors are being screened to possibly head up the new Marvel movie in Phase 3. See who they are and who you’d like to see direct the film.

Electro rises in this new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The bigger the fame, the bigger the consequences. In this new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a focus on the super-villain team up between Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino reiterates that theme, segueing into events that will shape who Spider-Man is. What exactly does that mean?

Heroes returns as Heroes Reborn miniseries
Fans of the NBC original series Heroes may be getting the story that they want as it’s been announced that a 13-episodes miniseries of the show will be coming in 2015. While no concrete details of the cast has been announced, we can expect that a few of the characters may make an appearance.

via Fanpop

via Fanpop

Harold Ramis, aka Egon Spengler, dead at the age of 69
It’s a sad announcement for fans of seemingly every comedy from the past 35 years: Harold Ramis, famous for his role as Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters, has died February 24, 2014 from complications from a rare disease called autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. Let’s just hope Ghostbusters 3 does him justice.

Marvel’s series to film in New York
Marvel announce that they will be predominantly shooting in New York State. It will be used as the location this summer for their Netflix-only show based on the blind lawyer and superhero, Daredevil. This will be the largest commitment to New York State by either film or television.

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