Godzilla is coming – First looks, commercials and more!

1998. The worst year in Godzilla’s long, cinematic history. We were promised a summer blockbuster of monstrous proportions, but instead we got a long, drawn-out and boring army fights a mutant film with a recreated Jurassic Park raptor attack sequence and a creature that could never live up to The King’s truest form.


Fast forward 16 years. We still have 2 months before the new Godzilla film comes out. A film where Godzilla looks like Godzilla. A series of trailers that practically depict the end of the world as this new monstrosity rises and a cast and crew that practically spell “genius” have been getting G-Fans all over the world more and more pumped as the May 16th release date approaches.

But more than that, G-Fans have been waiting a long time for a decent Americanized Godzilla. Thanks to Brian Cranston’s dialogue in the second trailer, we can confirm that this film is the polar opposite of last year’s Pacific Rim. This won’t be a film about corny monster jokes and floppy CGI. This is a dark film. a SCARY film. Godzilla has gone back to his roots as a horror icon, and this upcoming piece by Gareth Edwards looks to bring back the radioactive nightmare into cinemas.

On top of all that, any Godzilla-related news has been the topic of choice for many entertainment outlets and websites. Empire Magazine has released a few covers depicting the great beast in all his horrific glory. And images of merchandise, despite getting taken down, seem to litter blogs and Facebook posts.

The embargo on Godzilla products from the Legendary/Warner Bros. film lifts on March 17th. That is when we will get better looks at all the Godzilla-related paraphernalia that will stomp into our stores. Not only that, but we are already beginning to see commercials that are not as cheesy as the Taco Bell commercials calling out “here lizard lizard.” As if the King of the Monsters could be summoned by a mere Chihuahua. Snickers has just released this commercial and I can honestly say, despite its comedic elements, is far beyond “lame”.

With all this monster-sized praise and a monster movie that looks to have an even bigger audience than Pacific Rim (I know a lot of people who haven’t seen or heard of it), Godzilla looks to be making a comeback, whether you like it or not. So what do you think? Has American cinema depicted the Kaiju genre pretty well so far? Or do you prefer your monsters to come from the other side of the world?

Godzilla opens May 16th. You can view the second trailer below.

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