No Princess in the Castle: A documentary about female gamers

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In the gaming world we can pretty much say that men are dominating, but women are definitely on the rise, and this film sets out to show you that. From the producers of the documentary, The Video Craze, Natalie Rossetti and Dave Danzara head to Kickstarter for the funds to bring you No Princess in the Castle. It’s documentary that sets out to dispel the myths about today’s female gamer by showing you an expansive view of women in the gaming world. From developers to pro gamers and even writers, No Princess in the Castle looks to give a voice to these VIP ladies.

The film has a release date of 2016, and is in production as of now according to their web site. The cast list is packed full of impactful women like Michelle Sternberger, Jerri Ellsworth, and Josie Nutter, just to name a few. These ladies you may not know now, but you’re sure to get an in-depth look into their lives and find out why they delved into the seemingly male-dominated gaming world.

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Directors Natalie Rossetti and Dave Danzara

Videogame Bang’s personal friend, Genese Davis, also joins the cast adding, in my opinion, a huge piece of evidence of the impact that women have on the gaming industry. It’s an example that blows away any preconceived notion about those women.

No Princess in the Castle sounds to shed light on a topic that’s been long overlooked, so if you’re enthralled with the gaming universe, and women as well, there’s no reason not to support this project. No Princess in the Castle is coming soon.

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