Street Fighter’s Ryu featured in Turkish auto insurance commercial

street-fighter-insurance-commercialNow there’s something you don’t see every day. A new video has popped up online for the “world renowned” insurance company, Anadolu Sigorta.”Did you say Anadolu Sigorta?” Yes, I did say Anadolu Sigorta. The auto insurance company has become a buzz across the internet this week for their new very interesting commercial.

The video starts off with a news reporter talking to a guy about his car. I don’t particularly understand what is being said because I don’t know that language and because THIS IS ‘MURICA! FOOTBALL! PICKUP TRUCKS! LONG DIVISION! TEACUP POODLES! Anyway, I “assume” that what they are talking about has to do with the fact that it is a new car and it is not insured. Oh, and what a shocker, something happens to his car. Only that something turns out to be none other than ol’ down-right-fierce fighter himself, Ryu.

The people behind the commercial pulled something right out of the Bonus Stage on Street Fighter II in this video. Ryu proceeds to beat the ever-living shit out of the this poor dude’s car as he and the news crew watch on helplessly. You have to admire their attention to detail. From how the car falls apart to how the random pedestrians act like Street Fighter background sprites. This video is very well made.    you_05f542_276066

You guys have earned it. Please feel free to collect your prize.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. I don’t know how it came about, but I’m glad it did. It could have easily been the best commercial of the Super Bowl, even if it was in a completely different language.

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