Calling all nerds: Show us how ‘Happy’ you are in our new video project

Clip from the 24 Hours of Happy project

Clip from the 24 Hours of Happy project

The team here has been pretty obsessed recently with Pharrell William’s “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. It’s such a feel-good song that all of us can and should relate to on some level.

He wanted to give the world something to feel good about not only with this song, but also with the 24hoursofhappy project that started back in November.

So, we’re feeling a little inspired and want to showcase how ‘happy’ all nerds from every subculture are in our next video project. Cosplayers, LARPers, gaymers, physicists, Trekkies, Magic players, Whovians — whoever you are, we want you to feel good about being a nerd! But we need everyone’s help.

Submit a video of you and/or your friends dancing to “Happy” and upload it to YouTube (unlisted or public, if you’re feeling expressive). Either comment below with the link to the video, or email your video to Mark at [email protected]*.

Either shoot a full video with the entire song, just parts of the song, or just you having fun even without the song playing. We’ll take all of the videos edit them all together into one, epic video (along with some our own, fun peeps here). Essentially, we’re crowdsourcing a video with our fans. We’re thinking it will resemble a little bit like the Michael Jackson “The Behind the Mask Project” video here:

Let’s show the world how happy nerds are. We’d love to have all submissions by March 9th! Have fun with this, and we can’t wait to everyone you all grooving out there!

*By commenting with a link or emailing your video or link, you give Nerd Reactor consent to use the contents of your video. Don’t worry, we will make sure everyone looks good!

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