The chemistry behind Sriracha. Just because

you have to carry the fire, sriracha sauce

Flickr: Andrea Nguyen

Why do people love to add Sriracha to everything? While no amount of science can pinpoint the real reason behind the popularity of the rooster sauce (at least, maybe not today’s science), you can at least take a glimpse inside the red bottle with this video I came across from Reactions on the chemistry and ingredients in Sriracha.

Why do you even need to know all of this? For one, it’s quite important to understand just how much sugar you’re putting into your body. It could teach you to not add more sugar if you’re cooking with Sriracha (speaking of food, here are 25 ways to use Sriracha from bon appetit). You should already know what added sugar does to our waistline and heart conditions.

This video is also important to watch, because science.

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