Karl Urban says ‘conversations’ are happening with Lionsgate for Dredd 2

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Is Mega City One ready for their top cop to return? All of us fans sure hope so! Despite the movie being well-received, it didn’t gross near what it should have. Oddly enough, even though box office sales were down, fans largely supported the Blu-ray/DVD release.

Here at Nerd Reactor, we all greatly enjoyed the film, as it was just a straight-up ass-kicking movie. And the 3D was some of the best ever as well. I think with the fans’ continued support, it helped to perpetuate the possibility of a sequel. Karl Urban himself made a push for fans to continue, as well as Judge Dredd comic publisher Rebellion. They went as far as setting up a petition for a Dredd 2 to happen.

Thankfully, it seems that all efforts have not been for nothing. At the recent Destination Star Trek event in Frankfurt, Germany, a fan asked Urban a question about the possibility of Dredd 2. He replied that “conversations” were taking place at Lionsgate for the potential sequel.

That’s definitely something to squee with joy over, as it’s the closest and only headway anyone’s been made aware of regarding Dredd 2. I’d love to see Karl Urban back in that role. Hell, I’d say bring back Sylvester Stallone to face off against him as well as sort of an homage to the character. Writer/producer Alex Garland has also already stated that he has ideas for a trilogy, so it’s really up to Lionsgate to pull the trigger on it.

My hope is that the film comes to fruition, and all I can say is that I hope fans continue to push for it as well. It seems to be sort of working.

Source: WhatCulture

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