Electro rises in this new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Sony Pictures has just released a brand new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Check it out!

Although the international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is titled “Rise of Electro” it actually focuses on the super-villain team up between Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino. Essentially reiterating the main theme of the film, which is: The bigger the fame, the bigger the consequences. It’s that theme in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will ultimately segue to events that’ll shape who Spider-Man is. Those who are familiar with the comics know which event I’m talking about. If not read #5 of this list, that is if you’re not afraid of massive spoilers.

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 webslings into theaters on May 2nd.


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