Review: Retro-Bit’s Super Retro Trio – Play your SNES, Genesis and NES games


Ever feel like wanting to play that old NES, SNES and/or Sega Genesis game, but hate having to get all three systems out and plug all those wires in? Or are you worried that you may not have the cables necessary to connect it to your new TV. Maybe you don’t want to download the game for an emulator either. Well worry no more, as I have a solution that will meet your needs, and that solution is the Super Retro Trio.


This thing looks beautiful and it comes in my two favorite colors, red and black. Before we continue, this is where I have a small issue about it. It’s great in the visual aesthetics department, but it feels like it’s made of cheap parts and might break if it takes a small fall, similar to how an iPhone would crack if it fell 2 feet from the floor.

Apart from that, it is an amazing design. They kept the system simple and not too convoluted. There are 3 slots on top for the three different cartridges it’s capable of playing (NES, SNES/Super Famicom, and American Mega Drive/Genesis). It also comes with two controllers styled like the SNES controller. There is a button in front of the slots for RESET, and a slide button for the different types of cartridges available for play.

In the front hiding behind a panel, which has the SR3 logo, are the different slots for the controllers and the toggle to switch between NES/SNES and Genesis controllers. There’s also a toggle for the different regions so you can play region-locked games. In the back you will find the connections for S-video, component cables and power.



The SR3 was awesome to play to say the least. I had fun playing my old NES and SNES games. The first game I had to play was Killer Instinct. It felt like I was back to the days of my childhood, and it played beautifully with no issues. The next two games were Mario Kart and NBA Jam TE, and it was a blast. There were some visual flickers during the Mario Kart game; it would only show up once in a while, but not happen all the time. It disappeared the next day I played though.

The controllers felt great but I preferred my old SNES controllers. Everyone has that one controller that they favored, and I had mine for the SNES. It’s old, faded and has some cracks, but it is a beauty in itself. Now I don’t have all the games for SNES, but I never had an issue with any of the ones I played.


NES was fun to play, but I don’t have a lot of games for this. I played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it was fun to say the least. No issues were found here as well, which was a great thing. The game played smoothly, and I played for a good hour or two.

Next was Duck Hunt and I never encountered any problems either. Well, there was that damn dog that kept laughing at me! I’ll get him some day. Finally, I tried out some Genesis games. The first one I played was Rock n’ Roll Racing, which was my first game I bought for the Genesis, and it worked like a dream.


Final Reaction

All in all this is a good system and well worth the price. I tested maybe 5-6 games for each, and they all worked well and had no major issues. So if you are looking for something to play your old cartridges without having to break out the old system, I would recommend this. It does come with an extra attachment to play Gameboy Advance games, but that is sold separately. This console is a welcomed addition to my current-gen consoles and will have a place among them.

Grade: A-

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