The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC review


Spoilers ahead if you haven’t played The Last of Us.

I think by now everybody has heard of the “controversial” surprise near the end of “Left Behind,” a DLC campaign from The Last of Us video game. So how was the actual DLC?

In “Left Behind”, you control Ellie as she fights for survival in the post-apocalyptic world. The DLC takes place before and during the events of The Last of Us. It starts out with Joel getting injured as he and Ellie are trying to get away from the hunters. Ellie rescues him and finds an abandoned store inside a mall. With his condition getting worse, Ellie must find medical supplies around the mall before his time is up.


Throughout the DLC, we are given flashbacks to her previous life hanging out with her friend, Riley. The flashback sequences are fun, as we get to go to a Halloween store and play around with masks and props, ride on a carousel, tell jokes and more. If you have played The Last of Us, then you would know that Ellie and Riley’s friendship would come to an end, albeit a satisfying ending for

So how’s the gameplay? It’s exactly the same as the game. You can shoot, craft items like Molotov cocktails, sneak around and more. If you forgot how to play the game, the DLC has an optional tutorial that comes in handy. Ellie will encounter hunters and Clickers at the mall, so you’ll have to once again do your best to survive against the two different types of enemies. (If you see both hunters and Clickers, let them kill each other before you take them on.)

“Left Behind” is a great addition to The Last of Us saga. You’ll get to learn about the relationship between Ellie and Riley while also getting to have some fun as a teenager living in a post-apocalyptic world. The only downside I can think of is that the DLC does feel short, but I can let it slide since the production values are great and the gameplay intact.

DLC Grade: A-

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