Guardians of the Galaxy featurettes shows you who the Guardians are


Have no idea just who the Guardians of the Galaxy are? Well Marvel is here to help you out. Today, hot off the buzz of the release of the trailer two days ago, Marvel has revealed 5 featurettes showcasing each member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Check it out!



Drax the Destroyer:


Rocket Raccoon:

Although we see Vin Diesel talk briefly about his character Groot, the Rocket Raccoon featurette gives us our first taste of Rocket Raccoon’s voice (Bradley Cooper). I know many will be disappointed by the lack of Rocket’s signature Cockney accent, but in my opinion, Cooper’s New Jersey accent fits just fine here. Keep in mind that although Rocket’s voice has always had a Cockney accent, his accent was never defined within the comics themselves (as far as I know). One thing’s for sure, Rocket’s CGI is incredibly well done. I guess the next thing we can look forward to is hearing Vin Diesel’s delivery of “I Am Groot”.

Guardians of the Galaxy ooga chakas into theaters on August 1st.

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