Ragnarok Odyssey Ace releases in North America April 1st, no joke


XSEED will be releasing Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on April 1st in North America.

Retailing at $39.99, the game will be available at “select retailers” for both PS3 and Vita, and the Vita version of the game will include a bonus soundtrack featuring 25 tracks from the game. While both versions will also be available digitally via the PlayStation Store, the Vita version can be bought for $34.99.


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace will include the original game, with plenty of new features including a new dungeon, the Tower of Yggdrassil (it can randomize every time you enter). Ace also includes new enemies, brand new bosses, new items, the addition of “Ace Skills” to unlock new moves and the ability to hire AI mercenaries to aid you in battle.

If you previously played Ragnarok Odyssey, you have the ability to transfer over your previous character’s name, face, job class and all your weapon and monster cards over to a new game. Also any DLC you had gotten for for the game will also transferred over.

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