Veronica Mars: Will you be Kristen Bell’s Date?


Want to be Kristen Bell’s date to the LA premiere of the Veronica Mars movie?

Well, now you can!

Veronica Mars will be released in theaters on March 14th with a special red carpet event in Los Angeles! You and a friend will be flown to LA (from anywhere in the world) and ride to the premiere with Kristen Bell, walk the red carpet with her and SIT next to her during the movie. Did I mention you get to party with her AFTER the movie too?

Enter into this raffle where they will choose a winner. To enter, you must contribute $10 or more to PATH, an agency working to end homelessness. The more you enter, the more cool swag you would get as well.

Enter by March 7th. Click here.

Good luck, Marshmallows.

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