Staad Laptop BackPack safely takes your gear around in vintage style

staad laptop backpack by waterfield

Staad Laptop Backpack (Slim) in waxed canvas with grizzly leather flap

You’ve got a full-time job. You meet with people. You have to look nice because, well, you meet with lots of people. You also attend cons and travel a great deal. You even meet with friends on side passion projects every so often, and you like to take your work to a local Starbucks just to get away from your noisy house.

I’m not only explaining my lifestyle, but probably your lifestyle as well. And with all this moving around, it’s important to have quality products that not only can take the heat, but also look good no matter who you’re seeing.

key hook inside staad backpackWhen I received my Staad Laptop Backpack, I immediately regretted my order — I ordered the slim and knew right then it was not going to fit everything I needed. It was my fault, really, because the size specifications are on the site, yet I opted for the slim style instead of the stout because I thought it looked it would complement my slim body (yeah, I’m only fooling myself.)


Well, you can’t always have style and function but this backpack sure is a great compromise. Right when I opened the box (and still now) I could smell the genuine leather of the flap. There is a difference smelling real leather and cheap leather, and it’s obvious this is real leather. The waxed canvas, the material for the exterior body of the bag, feels strong, but not rough. The bag overall doesn’t feel too heavy, considering the materials used.

A look inside reveals a beautiful yellow-orange ballistic nylon-lined interior, with a honeycomb-like design. It’s a striking and pleasantly surprising feature.

animated gif of staad buckleI ordered a color combination of the tan waxed canvas body and grizzly leather flap, likely the most casual combination offered. Even at its most casual, the bag looks good day and night. A neutral color scheme means that it worked well with my business casual outfit during the day, and isn’t too serious when I’m with friends or at events.

The body of bag reminds me of a vintage military-inspired look, probably because of the waxed canvas and the utility buckle of the flap (which apparently is the same kind of buckle soldiers would have to access their ammo more quickly.) Though the simple pull-up design of the buckle is attractive, closing the flap back proves to be a little bit of a chore if you’re not used to it.

The large, distressed leather flap gives the bag a slightly more John Wayne-esque appeal, yet updates the bag to look and feel more modern. The unexpected marriage of the two different styles delivers a solidly masculine and classic bag.

inside the staad bag

My chunky 15″ laptop still fits, sort of.


They claim that the slim bag fits a 13″ laptop, but my 15″ actually fit “okay” in the bag, though that means it didn’t leave much room for anything else except my glasses (in a case), a small bottle of lotion, ibuprofen, my “extra” wallet and a pencil case (yes, I still carry one of those). I have a folder that I like to bring with me everywhere, but it wouldn’t fit in the bag because my laptop is massive (again, I regret not ordering the stout style).

backside of staad laptop backpackKnowing most of our readers, nerds typically are pack rats, and like to carry around all their gear, especially if you’re attending an event. The stout seems to be the better option in this case.

After a few weeks of toting the bag around with me everywhere, I found it to be very comfortable (especially since the size pretty much limits the amount of items I’m carrying around.) My back sweats a lot during warmer days, so it’s nice to know that the moisture-wicking material is lined on the backside and on the inside of the straps.

The bag also does a great job incorporating the shock-absorbing neoprene as its padding without looking chunky.

side view of staad backpack

Swung the bag around to my left side

Probably my most favorite feature of the bag is the side pockets. Swing the bag around on one side to easily access the contents of the pocket. No need now to play the reach-around game and look like you’re trying to grab a spider off your back.



WaterField claims that the canvas is waterproof (as is the ballistic nylon.) It doesn’t rain much down here in Southern California, but it happened to drizzle one day. I initially wanted to leave my bag outside to see how it would fare, but I remembered that the gorgeous flap is leather, and it doesn’t look like it’s treated (which is actually preferable in terms of its vintage-looking style.)

So instead, I ran the canvas under running water for about 1 minute. Moments later, the canvas was still a bit wet-feeling, but inside the goods were still dry.

At this point, I think it’s important to express my initial concern for the price tag of the Staad Laptop Backpack. $319 (for the slim and $329 for the stout) is a lot to fork over, especially if you like to invest your money in the latest gear and games, but what good is the tech if you aren’t storing it in quality bags? Much like how women invest good money in a quality purse that won’t break down easily, you should get a quality bag that will stick with you for a long time. And its classic look won’t be going out of trend (if you’re so concerned with that).

closeup shot of staad backpack slim

You can just smell the quality

Also, the bag, along with WaterField Design’s other products, is domestically produced — San Francisco to be precise. If you’re the kind of new-age citizen who supports local artisans (or just have copious amounts of patriotism), then you’ll really appreciate this company’s mission.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this bag. Again, don’t let the price of the bag set you back. If you can save up for this, you should, and you won’t regret investing in a piece of accessory built with such care and mindfulness.

Love: The large leather flap, the classic yet modern look, side access pockets, the comfort on my shoulders.

Like: The shock-absorbent padding, moisture-wicking material, bright and solid bag interior.

Need to get over: the price tag, the limited space for my obsessive need to carry everything with me.

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