Science & Engineering-based toys to inspire your little girl


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I was looking into getting some toys for my niece for her birthday. I thought about getting the standard Disney princesses, Barbies, or a makeup stand, but then I thought, how will this help her in the future? Who wants a doll that they are going to play with for a little bit and throw it away after many uses?

I began looking into something that would be able to inspire her to become more than just a little girl playing with her doll. She’s a smart kid and I wanted her to utilize her smarts.

I found the following toys that would not only inspire my niece, but maybe the little girls in your life.


Goldie Blox

With women only making up 18.4% of engineering bachelor’s degrees, Goldie Blox wants to “tap into girls’ strong verbal skills” and “bolster confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things”. Construction used to be considered a “boy’s toy” but with Goldie Blox, it provides the tools to build but still provide a feminine edge. This is a great start to gauge your little girl to think beyond a Princess doll. Check out the variety of toys here.




Who needs a pre-made Barbie dream house anymore? Instead, why not have them build the home themselves out of their imagination? Inspiring future engineers, architects, artists and inventors, Roominate allows them to create something from their imagination. No more limitations on what they can build. According to the website, it allows girls to experience “hands-on problem solving, spatial skills development, early introduction to circuits, highly engaging & extensive replay, open design that encourages creativity and the confidence with dealing with new problems.” You can find the many designs here.

thameskosmosThames & Kosmos

Although Thames & Kosmos science kits were made for any gender, it is beginning to advertise to potential young female scientists. With some kits focusing on the science behind creating perfumes and crystals, they are beginning to focus on attracting little girls to use these kits. Of course, you need to check the age restrictions before purchasing a kit for her. The kits range in experiments – little labs, chemistry, physics, alternative energy & environment, biology, constructive science, historical science, earth science & natural history, astronomy, air and space, and sophisticated science. There are just so many cool ways to get them into science and physics.


Okay, maybe you do want your little girl to have a doll to play with. They can’t be building stuff all the time.



With the growing popularity of the “geek/nerd,”  Mattel has begun creating a Barbie series called I Can Be. They have a variety of Barbies featured each season – doctor, computer engineer, president, astronaut, architect, pediatrician, veterinarian, and many other inspirational dolls.

Science Lottie Doll

Lottie Doll

Does she have enough Barbies? Why not a Lottie doll? If you want a doll that looks more like a child, Robot Lottie doll has all of the geeky fashion to help your child know “Science is cool.” Robot Lottie doll doesn’t wear makeup, wear jewelry or high heels and can stand on her own two feet. You can also purchase her companion Busy Lizzie Robot Lottie Doll.


With the success of The Lego Movie, Legos are making a comeback to inspire to create and build from these little blocks. They are beginning to create strong female mini-figures like a scientist and a robot (although, they still created a pretzel girl and diner waitress in the same set). They are getting there. Slowly, but surely.


I have a lot of choices to look through for my niece and I’m thankful for that. We do need more toys that push little girls to inspire them for the future. It’s always good to start early.



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