Gallifrey One 2014: The Recap

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Gallifrey One is the only official Doctor Who fan-run convention in the West of the United States (Long Island Doctor Who Con is on the East Coast). It is organized and run entirely by fans for the fans.

Working with the Doctor Who (Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood) actors, crew, authors, and people involved in sci-fi shows, this year’s Gallifrey One featured two Doctors – Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor) and Paul McGann (8th Doctor), companions Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Mark and Morgan Sheppard, Jean Marsh, Deborah Watling, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Tom Price, Gareth Thomas, Annette Badland, David Banks, Terrance Dicks, Tracey Childs, Lachele Carl, Stuart Milligan, Velile Tshabalala, Chase Masterson, Ricco Ross, Emma Campell-Jones, Sonita Henry, Ellie and Joseph Darcey-Alden, Steve Hughes, Toby Hadoke, Gary Russell, Derek Ritchie, Dominic Glynn, Paul Cornell, Jane Espenson, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Rachel Skarsten, Daphne Ashbrook, Rob Shearman, Stephen Cole, Keith Topping, Phil Ford, Peter Anghelides, Tony Lee, and many more.

Gally1 interviews doctors

This three-day event featured panels, live interviews, photo and autograph opportunities, a musical performance by The Temporal Riffs, karaoke, the Masquerade and tons of cosplay. There was always something to do during this convention.

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If you plan on attending Gallifrey One, don’t forget to bring some ribbons. What are ribbons? They are souvenirs/ice breakers to pass out to fellow convention goers. They even made games out of collecting ribbons! So, always be prepared to pass, collect, or trade ribbons.

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The convention also offered an opportunity that other conventions have never offered before – a nighttime reception with your favorite celebrities. Showmasters hosted a night with Billie Piper and Arthur Darvill that fans could purchase separately. The event consisted of you having some time to chat with the actors in an intimate setting with fellow fans. And yes, it was awesome.

Here is Arthur holding our Nerd Reactor card, courtesy of the reception event.


The interview panels were great to attend. We got to hear personal stories from the set of Doctor Who. Billie Piper spoke about her experience talking to David Tennant about the 50th episode. She was on the phone with him while he was getting a pedicure [with his pregnant wife at the time]. She also shared the joys of motherhood and how that changed her as well as becoming famous at such a young age.

Gally1 interviews Billie

Fans were also allowed to ask questions at the end of the panel. I asked Billie: “If you could travel back in time to your 15-year-old self, what advice would you tell yourself?” Billie responded: “Stay at home! Don’t rush things. ”

She was so gracious with the fans throughout the weekend and even passed out her own ribbons.


The interview with the two Doctors – Colin Baker and Paul McGann – were great. They interviewed each other! Their interaction was one of the best interviews.

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They spoke about their Big Finish Productions where they create the audio stories for the Doctors – with audio, the other Doctors can live on.

They continued to discuss their work roles. They were asked if they could be in any American show, what would they want to be in. Paul commented, “Anything Jennifer Lawrence is in…I’d love to play her dad.” Colin responded, “I’d love to play her boyfriend.”

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Arthur Darvill’s interview was great. He talked about his experience with Doctor Who and meeting Karen Gillan for the first time… and she was in heels. He looked up at her and said he was going to be playing her boyfriend. It was hilarious.

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The interview with legendary actress OBE Jean Marsh was so fascinating. During her time on Doctor Who, she played Joanna, the sister of Richard I of England in the Crusade episode. She actually asked Julian Glover (Richard I) if they could make their characters incestuous. The executive producer Verity Lambert told Jean, no.

Gally1 interviews jean 2There was also a companions panel consisting of Arthur, Billie, Katy Manning, Deborah Watling, Nicola Bryant, Frazer Hines, Richard Franklin and John Levene. They spoke about their experiences with their perspective Doctors and their personal stories.

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W. Morgan Sheppard and his son, fellow actor Mark Sheppard had their own panel. If you guys don’t remember, Mark played the young version of Canton Everett Delaware III with his father, W. Morgan, playing the older version of him in the Impossible Astronaut episode. Yes. It is adorable. W. Morgan spoke about his experiences on Bablyon 5 and his many other sci-fi shows (SeaQuest 2023, Gargoyles) while Mark talked about all the many sci-fi shows he participated in – especially Supernatural.

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So many great panels and interviews happened at Gallifrey. The side panels were also a great experience – Doctor Who puppets, crafts, how to make your own props and cosplay, and even – How To Build Your Own TARDIS.

The main event was the Masquerade of Mandragor for cosplayers to show off their cosplay outfits either as exhibition, workmanship and a presentation skit. The skits will be up soon by Gallifrey One-approved videographers. We will post the link.

I decided to participate in an exhibition piece called “The Moment/Bad Wolf.” My husband E and Star Trek/Whovian friend Melissa dressed as The War Doctor and Bad Wolf. I was The Moment Box. We just went up on stage and showed off our costume with a reenactment!

Photo by Dennis Kytasaari

Photo by Dennis Kytasaari

In addition to the fun events for fans, they also hosted a charity auction for one of their fellow volunteers, Aimee Hoff, who passed away this past fall. The auction raised money for the Aimee Hoff Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Overall, Gallifrey One is one of the best fan-organized conventions I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot). There was always something to do and photo opportunities for fans to participate in (a cosplay room).

I am definitely coming back next year for The 26 Seasons of Gallifrey One.





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