Contest: Winners announced for The White Queen DVD Giveaway

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The White Queen DVD Contest Giveaway is now over, and it’s time to pick our 5 winners. Each winner will receive a DVD copy of the show courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

We asked our readers what their favorite house is, and well, it looks like the clear winner is the House of Lancaster. Sorry, York, better luck next time. Without further ado, let’s begin!

And the winners are…

House of Lancaster! Although The House of Lancaster provided England with 3 kings in the 15th century, it was also defeated by the house of York, and passed on its claims to the Tudor dynasty. In my humble opinion.. the underdog .. everybody loves an underdog!

I am for York, I do think Edward was a good King, he did think of his people and tried to do the right thing. King Edward IV did stand up for love too he showed that no one can tell you who or how to love. I do love the seires and watch it over and over. I also think Queen Elizabeth did the right thing by betrothing her daugher in marrige to Henry Tudor to unnight the houses that was a good move for England. Also King Edward valuved family and his wife and Children and those are things I admre

House of York of course! King Edward was a great king, He married Elizabeth and stuck by her despite everything that tried to tear them apart. AND his death slayed me. The White Queen is an amazing mini series!!

Karrie Millheim
House of Lancaster. I love to read the war of the roses and knowing these are the family that creates Henry the Eighth. I cant get enough of this show. I love reading royal history and watching it on the TV even better. I have read all the books and love it

Donna Kellogg
I am fan of Lancaster. I love the Tudors and this is where the line began. Neville the King Maker destoryed the family and put brother against brother, plus cousin against cousin. In the end we get Elizabeth marrying the future father of Henry the Eighth. Plus the Lancasters had alot more drama

Congrats to all the winners. Please email me (info is on our About Page). Deadline is February 26, 2014.

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