Amber’s Top Three Sci-Fi Films

Gosh, where do I start? The sci-fi genre is my favorite genre in comparison to all the others. There are so many good and bad films that I enjoy from this category, but funnily enough, I am just a beginner when it comes to the deep, dark heart of science fiction! For now, I’m going to let you guys all know what my favorite sci-fi films are so far, because why not?

First on the list is a film I know a lot of people adore. For some it’s what got them into this genre. For others, it’s just a movie you can go back and watch without ever getting tired of it. I know I can certainly do that, and that’s why I chose Fifth Element to be number one on my list.

fifth element

Honestly, I don’t know how to put my love for this film into words. The characters, the story, and so much more intrigue my greatly. It was one of my first science fiction films, and I’m glad it was. The first time I watched it, I didn’t want it to end!

Fifth Element is definitely a bit more uplifting than classics like Alien. The movie focuses on a girl named Leeloo who falls into the arms of Korben Dallas. Little does he know, Leeloo is precious property to the government, and is the key to saving the world. It’s quite hard to describe this movie without spoiling it, so my advice to you is to go watch it! I promise you won’t regret it.

Now if you’re more on the horror/thriller side of science fiction, my next film will probably satisfy you more. It’s weird to see Elijah Wood in anything other than The Lord of the Rings, but when I saw him in The Faculty, I thought he was fantastic.

sci-fi  faculty

The Faculty is a movie about a boy named Casey Connor, played by Elijah Wood, who attends high school just like any other kid. Well one day, all of the teachers start to turn evil due to an alien-like creature he finds in the school’s football field. The teachers begin killing one another, and turning them into something obviously not from planet Earth because of the alien. Soon enough, whatever virus is spreading, hits the students as well. Casey is the only one, besides a few of his friends, who hasn’t been turned into an alien yet. This seems more sci-fi, doesn’t it?

Well I can promise you this is a movie you should for sure watch. It’s more than meets the eye, to be honest. Things pop out at you, you don’t really predict much, and Gandalf finally isn’t there to save the day!

Last on my list is a classic. It’s all sorts of exciting and heart warming. I fell in love with the movie literally five minutes in, and that’s why I decided to put Enemy Mine on my top three list!

The movie starts with Willis E. Davidge, a pilot who is fighting in a war between humans and Dracs. During one certain battle, Davidge crashes his ship on an unknown planet, and gets caught up with his enemy. However, later in the film, they learn to work together and end up becoming friends. It’s definitely not like The Faculty or Fifth Element, but it’s a fantastic movie in the sense that it isn’t.


I knew I was going to love this movie from the very moment the Drac and the human became friends. The Drac race is one of my favorite science fiction races. They’re really unique and different, and actually really kind. While watching it, you really grow to have a love for not only what they are, but the character Jerry himself. This movie will leave you in tears, but it’s worth it. You may want to punch a wall when it’s finished though. You know, just to regain your “manliness.”

There are other sci-fi films I really enjoy like Event Horizon, Alien, and Slither that I could have included, but the three I chose really made me love the genre more than I could have ever imagined. Each one has a different feel to it. One is uplifting and funny, another is filled with horror, and the last one is filled with feelings and warmth. But what all these films have in common is that they all got me into sci-fi and really impacted my life and made it better. What three science fiction films did that for you?

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