Indiegogo: Help Inspector SpaceTime become a full length movie!

It’s official.

Community’s Doctor Who parody Inspector SpaceTime is going to become a full length movie… with YOUR help!

It will be called: The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Motion Picture About A Space Traveler…

Inspector SpaceTime’s Travis Richey announced at Gallifrey One this past weekend that they will be making their second web-series second into a full length movie. The film will guest star Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor from Doctor Who), Robert Picardo (Star Trek), Chase Masterson (Star Trek), and Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory).

They are trying to raise $25,000 within the Indiegogo period. You can get some cool Inspector SpaceTime swag by donating. Check it out here and help donate this adventure.

Check out the prequel here:

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