Why you should date a geek


By Ed Thompson

Facebook feeds and email chains have been clogged up with posts by the title of “Why You Absolutely Should Date a Girl Who Travels”. While people who travel are awesome in their own way, there’s another group that deserves a little more attention…”geeks”.

In this article, I will *attempt* to explain why you should date a geek. No, I won’t insult your intelligence with geek-themed sexual innuendos and double entendre: “Just like in Warcraft, we can go all night” (Okay, maybe one). While not everyone is a gamer or a Whovian, I hope my message will still be clear; you should date a geek, and this is why:

Vegging on the couch? Not a problem

Have you ever had those kind of days where you just want to shut yourself in and game all night long? Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you picked up the latest title of your favorite series, and you absolutely HAVE to play that game. When you’re dating a geek, not only will you have someone who understands the way you think, you’ll have another person to join in on the fun! Whether you hand them the second controller, switch every time there’s a death (in my case, that’s a lot) or simply watch the other play, you’re sharing something that’s important to you, and it will do nothing but enhance your gaming experience! (Unless you throw your controller or swear too much when you lose; that shit’s not cool.)


They’ll introduce you to new things

This one goes without saying. Chances are if you’re lucky to bag yourself a fellow geek, their fandom may not exactly line up with yours. This is not only a great opportunity to learn more about your fellow geek and lover but it’s a fantastic way to learn about and experience a completely new fandom! They might get a *little* excited when they ask you to watch Doctor Who (seriously though, you should watch it) or to try a different game genre, but it’s only because they’re pumped to find ANOTHER cool thing for you to do together. Who knows, you might just find a new movie/comic book/game, etc. that really speaks to you, and you have an awesome person that will love it as much as you do!

star wars cosplay
Photo by Nerd Reactor

They make conventions better

When you go to a convention, you’re there to have fun, plain and simple. What better way to make a convention more fun than by going with another like minded individual. There might be someone you both want to meet, or a panel you’re both interested in, not to mention the fun you can have partying in the hotel room (mind out of the gutter folks). Cosplaying by itself is a hell of a good time, but being in a couple opens the door to whole new realm of cosplay ideas and funny photo shoots. (Please don’t cosplay Jamie and Cersei Lannister.) Whether staking out the dealer’s room or artist alley, you and your geek lover are sure to have a wonderful time.

Above all, geeks are passionate

I’m not sure if you know this, but geeks care A LOT about their respective fandoms. Don’t believe me? Try and tell a Trekkie that Star Wars is better, or look up the comment sections of the articles announcing Ben Affleck as Batman. While it certainly can manifest in negative ways, there’s no denying geeks are passionate about their culture. This passion for their interests can easily translate to other departments of your relationship and will keep your relationship fresh, interesting and uplifting. Just don’t bring up Ben Affleck, okay?

While it would be ignorant to paint all geeks with the same brush, in general we’re all a pretty cool bunch. We might fight and argue over our competing interests once in awhile, but we’re mainly just happy to find someone as cool as we are. This Valentine’s Day, let a geek fill your heart container, you might just realize you’ve found Neo.

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