Top 10 geeky girls we want for Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air, but not everybody has that special someone to enjoy it with. Thankfully, as human beings we’ve been gifted with the power of imagination and fantasy and there are lots of geeky girls to fill them. So sit back, relax, open up a can of beer, and enjoy our list of the top ten geeky girls we want for Valentine’s Day, in no particular order, as voted by our writers.


Make fun of vampires all you want, Kate Beckinsale is a vampire who you’d love to have seduce you. This tough, beautiful, ass-kicking Brit stole our hearts as Selene in the Underworld films, but since then she’s starred in Total Recall and will voice Queen Ayrenn in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online. She definitely deserves a spot on our list.


Rarely do we see a girl as talented and as dorky as Jennifer Lawrence. She’s won an Oscar, conquered the Internet and has her fair share of geek cred with such films as X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games. She seems like the type of girl who’d love to do anything, from going to a lounge and chilling to cuddling on the couch watching movies. Any guy would be lucky to have her!


Although she’s known primarily as the teenage detective, Veronica Mars, geeks fell in love with Kristen Bell because of her role in Fanboys. Playing a cute girl who works in a comic book shop and loves Star Wars would do that. In addition, she was also the voice of Lucy Stillman in Assassin’s Creed and Anna in Frozen. Add it all up and Kristen Bell is the perfect package. Dax Shepard you are one lucky S.O.B.


Oh, Alison Brie. The loveable, innocent (and a little crazy) Annie Edison is just too cute for words. She’s funny, spunky, really cute, can rap, adorable and did I mention really cute? All you need to do is watch Community and you’ll realize why geek guys around the world are in love with Alison Brie.


When we were first introduced to Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead, we were enchanted by her Southern accent and her model looks. Little did we know that this bombshell actually talks with an English accent. It’s the best of both worlds! Before The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan had recurring roles in Chuck and Supernatural. One thing’s for sure, if the zombie apocalypse ever does come we hope one day to meet someone as awesome and beautiful as Maggie Greene.


We’ve watched little Emma Watson grow from cute little kid to a smoking hot woman. In her post-Harry Potter career she’s focusing on roles in indie movies by starring in such films as Noah, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring. But to us geeks, she’ll forever be in our hearts as Hermoine Granger.


Like Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick stole the hearts of geek guys everywhere because of her fantastic personality. She seems like the type of girl that is “one of the guys” and honestly, a lot us geeks think that’s sexy. So far she’s proven that she’s both talented (she can sing and she’s an Oscar nominee) as she is beautiful, starring in such films as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods. She’s definitely my type of girl.


There’s a lot about Yvonne Strahovski that makes us fall for her. It could be her Aussie accent or it could be that she’s incredibly beautiful. It could be because of her starring role in Chuck or the fact that she voiced Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect. It could also be all of the above. Yeah, we think it’s definitely all of the above.


Aisha Tyler is definitely the nerdiest one out of our list of women. Not only is she a passionate video gamer but she’s also the voice of Lana Kane in Archer. Tyler’s got undeniable looks but what we love about her is that she’s not afraid to show her love of video games. She flaunts it like nobody’s business and we love her for that.


Emma Stone is definitely one of the “girls-next-door” types. She’s incredibly cute, funny, talented and has a down-to-earth personality. With Superbad, Zombieland, Easy A, Sleeping Dogs and The Amazing Spider-Man on her resume, with keep falling for Emma Stone with each subsequent film she does. At this rate, she’ll be the top of our list soon enough.

Honorable mentions

Unfortunately, not everybody can make it into our top ten, but these geeky girls still deserve to be included in our honorable mentions category. They include the women of Game of Thrones, Christina Hendricks, the women of MCU (including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Karen Gillan, Felicia Day, Grace Park and Kelly Hu.

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