She’s a Brick….Mansions – District B13’s remake trailer

brick mansions april 25

Any of you guys familiar with a little French movie called District B13? It’s that one movie with a lot of parkour action? Perhaps this clip will jog your memory.

Glad you remembered. Now it looks like we’re getting an American “remake” of sorts with Brick Mansions. Don’t worry, David Belle, the parkour extraordinaire in District B13, is going to be in this movie. The film will also be the last completed movie for Paul Walker (RIP!)

The story is still similar, but instead of Paris, it’s going to take place in a dystopian Destroit. A part of the city is overrun by violence, so the authorities have decided to contain the area with a giant wall. Walker will be playing an undercover cop named Brian O’Conner…errrrr, I mean Damien Collier. In the original, Belle played Leïto, but in this version, he’ll be playing Lino. RZA will be playing Tremaine, a drug kingpin who kidnaps Lino’s girlfriend. Now both Collier and Lino will have to team up to stop the city from total destruction.

Brick Mansions hits theaters on April 25, 2014.

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