Chaos Code Review – A PlayStation Network fighting game from Arc Systems Work


There are a lot of great games out there. The problem is that it is easy to miss out on some fun games that you didn’t even know existed. For me, one of those games is Chaos Code for the PlayStation 3.

Chaos Code is a 2D fighting game developed by FK Digital and published by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear and BlazBlue) that came out in Japanese arcades back in 2011. It finally made its way to the North American in August 2013 as a digital download title on the PlayStation Network.

Chaos Code’s battle system feels like a fusion of King of Fighters series (2001-XI) with Melty Blood. The game focuses on 4 buttons similar to King Of Fighters original LP, HP, LK and HK and also uses a similar combo system. You’ll be able to link a super move, special move (drains two meters) or level 3 Chaos Move (does major damage and can be linked from most specials) off a basic commands. Ariel combos also exist in the game. Certain characters have better mobility in the air, and this can lead to some pretty crazy combos or corner links.

Chaos Code also gives you the ability to add two moves to your arsenal before entering battle. Every character has two unique specials and two unique super moves. Adding them with Chaos Shift allows you to cancel a Super move anytime during the animation, giving you more combo opportunities at the cost of one super meter. When all three bars are maxed, you can also enter Chaos Exceed which allows you to have unlimited supers for a set amount of time. Once time runs out, however, it enters a cool down mode where you won’t have any meter for 15 seconds.

Chaos Code features 13 selectable characters who all are fighting to obtain Chaos Code. The one thing I really enjoyed about the game, aside from the character animations, is that the game has its serious dark side. It also features quite a bit of comedy, as it doesn’t always take itself too serious. Even some of the characters are pretty hilarious. Hikaru is a soldier who is a hardcore otaku and whose stage is a version of Japan’s Akibahara, Catherine is a manga artist whose real name is Heihachi and loves pretty things and hot men. My favorite is Cthylla, a magical girl from another dimension who uses dark powers.

Every character in the game has two separate endings, and completing them will unlock the art gallery including character art and promotional art. You’ll also be able to re-watch all the ending you have beaten.

Sadly the game lacks online play, which would have been a great addition. It does have a pretty challenging survival mode that ties into the hardest trophy to get in the game.

Chaos Code is a fun game to play and only costs $11.99. If you enjoy games like King of Fighters, the nostalgia in the graphics and music is a great plus. Plus, it gives you another fighting game to play that isn’t Marvel or Street Fighter.

Grade: B-

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