Rise of the marshmallow girls: Meet Japan’s newest girl group ‘Chubbiness’

chubbiness, japanese girl group

Yes, you are actually reading the title right.

Set to debut in March, the 10 well-rounded girls of Chubbiness beat out over 3,500 applicants for a spot in the group, and are currently raising some eyebrows in the music industry.

gushing over candy

Judging by their Twitter feed, the group looks to be redefining what it means to be a celebrity icon AND still be able to eat well.

Now, two questions have been raised online about this announcement: Why a chubby girl group and why are these girls not actually chubby?

Japan hasn’t really been known to push the boundaries in debating social issues, especially the concept of weight. Although they aren’t that alone in this, around the world, even in the U.S., we still publish magazines and hire models that are super skinny. We gush over women who maintain a 00 figure, and although the newer generation of women aren’t standing for this (Jennifer Lawrence, anyone?), it’ll take a good amount of time before media normalizes its stance on what “attractive” means.

A large portion of all their media interviews have been centered around the topic of food, and have even participated in a shoot where they express their most favorite chubby part on themselves.

eri and akina from chubbiness

Eri & Akina (Is she pointing at her ‘chubby’ boobs??)

While people are commenting that these girls are merely “normal” by “society’s standards” and not actually chubby, you can’t help but be awed by their efforts to revolutionize Japanese media. Until we see size 6 women gracing the covers of VOGUE and ELLE (but not like this), let’s applaud these women’s efforts instead of turning a judgmental eye.

In the meantime, we’ll just wait to see if their music is as tasty as the food they post about.

Source: RocketNews24, Jezebel

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