Frozen’s star Idina Menzel will sing ‘Let it go’ at The Oscars!


If you’ve been a fan of Disney’s Frozen, you’re in luck. Idina Menzel, the powerful voice of Queen Elsa from the movie, will be singing live at this coming Oscars. She will not be lip syncing, so it will be her live voice completely. If you aren’t familiar Idina Menzel, she was the voice for the Broadway musical, “Wicked”; which makes her no stranger to live performances on stage.

She recently tweeted about this:


This is great for fans of the film since it was pretty much a box office hit. Due to the success of the movie and the soundtrack, there has been Sing-A-Long re-release and the movie itself has been nominated for two Academy Awards that night. One for Best Animated Feature and one for Best Original Song. Personally, I hope they take it, even though they are going up against Despicable Me 2,The Croods, Ernest & Celestineand The Wind Rises. The Oscars will be airing live on March 2nd with Ellen DeGeneres taking helm as the host. Make sure to tune in to listen to her beautiful voice!! 🙂

Here’s Idina as Elsa, singing the song “Let it go”.

Source: CinemaBlend

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