Allie Goertz sends love letter to Rob Bottin with ‘Special Affect’

Allie Goertz

Allie Goertz is a singer/songwriter who has found success by pairing music with her interests and it so happens that Goertz’s interests run to the “geeky” side of culture. She writes songs about things like Dungeons & Dragons, Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks and the Citizen Kane of bad films, The Room. However, Allie Goertz’s songs aren’t attempts to cash in on nerd culture. Goertz’s music is dignified and beautiful, avoiding kitsch and presenting sincere poetry set to music. All of her songs are a pleasure to listen to and I encourage you to do so on her YouTube Channel, but I wanted to draw the NR readership’s attention to one specific song, because it’s written about one of my favorite artists, Rob Bottin.

You may not recognize his name, probably because he’s been out of the game for so long, but Rob Bottin is responsible for some of the best special effects makeups of the 1980s and early 90s, most notably John Carpenter’s The Thing. Rumor has it that Bottin got fed up with the business of Hollywood and moved on to real estate. Regardless of his current whereabouts, cinema is certainly poorer for his absence. Goertz’s song “Special Affect”, performed with fellow vocalist Megan Barrett, is a beautiful and heartfelt plea for Bottin’s return to the film industry. I can’t imagine a better love letter to the man who gave us this scene. Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be watching The Howling.

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