The LEGO Movie Review


When it was first announced that a full-length feature film would be made about LEGOs, the majority’s reaction was “Wait, why?” Nowadays, studios are looking to create franchises out of anything and everything and hoping that they’ll strike gold. The LEGO Movie, on the other hand, looked to be the type of film that is poised to fail because of the bizarre premise of building a feature length film entire out of LEGOs. Sure, there were cool LEGO-based films out there, but none of them to the scale such as this. So does The LEGO Movie deliver a film that’s an enjoyable surprise or does it ultimately end up as another failed studio tentpole?

Fortunately, The LEGO Movie builds together a film that’s imaginative, very funny and full of heart. The characters are loveable and it contains a truly positive message that speaks to both adults and kids. It’s also a film that’ll definitely tug at the nostalgic strings for those that have played with LEGOs as a kid.

The LEGO Movie follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO mini figure who is mistakenly identified as “The Special”, the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop the evil tyrant, President Business, from destroying the world.


Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have an incredible talent for creating original entertaining films out of established sources. The directors did an amazing job with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street and with The LEGO Movie, the duo is three for three. Lord and Miller have developed a film that will amaze viewers with the amount of detail that went into the film. Everything you see — whether it’s smoke, water, fire or explosions — is made entirely out of LEGO pieces. The mini figures themselves move as they really are since technically there are only so many moves that the figures can make. So the filmmakers had to meticulously think all of that through. It takes quite an imagination to pull off what the filmmakers did and they did it quite well.

Another aspect of the film that it did successfully is crafting a film that everyone can enjoy. While kids will surely have a blast with the film, there’s humor in the film that the adults will get that the kids will understand later. If you need an example of the type of adult humor in the film, just check out all off-the-wall humor within the trailers and the ‘Behind the Bricks’ featurette. It’s this type of humor that made The LEGO Movie such a fun film as it takes itself seriously and at the same time doesn’t.

But with every kid’s movie there comes a message that all kids learn at the end of the movie. The LEGO Movie is no exception but there is another message in the film that’s aimed towards adults as well. This message puts The LEGO Movie in a whole other light for adults such as myself. It further proves that the filmmakers weren’t making a film for kids; they were making a film for everyone to enjoy.


Chris Pratt did a fantastic job as the main character, Emmet. Pratt added a lot of layers to the character and emitted such emotional range his voice that he made us feel for Emmet. Will Ferrell also did a great job playing the villain, President Business. Ferrell has the propensity to exaggerate his roles but with President Business, we get a much more held back Will Ferrell. Which is a good thing because we get the right amount of Ferrell without becoming too exasperating.

As for the other actors, they all did a great job voicing their respective roles. It looked as if everyone had a blast voicing the film. Every actor just brought an abundant amount of energy to their parts and it shows on film.

Don’t expect a lot of screen time for a lot of the other featured characters, though. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Ninja and Green Lantern are all seen in the trailers and key art but have such minor parts in the film. The film focuses primarily on Emmet, WyldStyle, Batman, Vitruvius, President Business, Good Cop/Bad Cop, Unikitty, Benny, and Metal Beard. Everyone else that you see in the trailers is just glorified cameos.


Despite everyone’s preconception about a film based on LEGO toys, The LEGO Movie is a funny, heartfelt film that moviegoers of all ages will enjoy. It not only speaks to kids but it speaks to the kids within all of us. Not only that but the film also inspires you into creating your own LEGO movie, because let’s face it, isn’t creating something what LEGO’s are all about?

Grade: A-

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