NFL X Star Wars


Some folks won’t like sports being talked about here, but I know many people who both enjoy sports as well as enjoy nerdy/geeky interests. I have played sports since I came to this country but I’m also been a big geek/nerd. So once my sports participation days ended and became a spectator; I pursued my other love, computers. So for all those that don’t believe in the mixture of two please stop reading now, this is not for you. Those of you do enjoy both worlds or just want to see cool art continue.

Now that the NFL season is over and the beat down of the Broncos was mercifully ended, we now have to wait till the next season starts. So to sate those urges while we wait, an artist threw the NFL logos set within the Star Wars universe. What we get is pure gold.

Artist, John Raya, did an amazing job on the designs. The detail is spot on to what the original team logos look like. Mr. Raya if you read this bravo to you. If possible, can you do the NBA next? Anyways, take a look at the beautiful job he did for all the NFL teams.

Source: John Raya

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