New PlayStation 7.1 headset and PS4 updates coming


Today Sony announced that there will be a new wireless headset made especially for the PS4 called the PlayStation Gold wireless headset. It will come at a cheaper price than its predecessor, the Playstation Pulse Elite, at a whopping price of $99. This headset was exclusively designed for the PlayStation 4, and it has a 7.1 virtual surround sound and a hidden noise-cancelling microphone.

This has a very sleek and portable design. The headset can be collapsed for those who are on the go, and it can be used for the PS Vita and other devices. From the looks of the picture it comes with a charge cable, USB dongle for wireless connectivity, and a 3.5mm audio cable.

I have been looking for a headset for my PS4 since it has been out, and this may do the trick. Also the lack of choices make it hard for me to commit to anything.

Update 1.60 is also on the horizon, though no word on what is actually going to be updated. So we’ll have to wait to get more information on that one.

Source: Sony

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