Ender’s Game: Ain’t no party like a zero gravity party!

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Ender’s Game made space look easy. Well maybe not easy, but graceful and beautiful. And while grace and beauty sometimes seem simple, I assure you the effects in this stunning movie were not. Nerd Reactor got to see first-hand how these effects were made. Combining science, performance and art, we get launched into a space battle of epic proportion.

Stop one on our effects journey, we got to watch how the trailers that would define the look and feel of the sets and costumes were made. Shot by shot the movie’s challenges were explained to us by the experts that made this seem seamless! VFX supervisor Matt Butler, production designer Ben Proctor and pre-viz supervisor Scott Meadows peacefully resolved the age-old battle between practical and CGI by working together. Yes there’s no ego battle here. With the monkey of zero gravity on their back, this team decided that quality was more important than this battle.

From performance capture to practical stunts, the VX artists have thought of it all. For the movie, they planned where the center of gravity was in space and how performing these stunts would make the actors react. This was no easy feat.

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Next we got to step behind the camera and become the camera operator, directed by the Ender’s Game director himself, Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). There’s no steady cam here as we learn how hard it is to capture mocap and keep your hands steady!

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Our last stop was the most breathtaking, and let’s face it, the hardest. After watching actor Moises Arias (The Kings of Summer, Despicable Me 2) effortlessly maneuver in what they call the lollipop crane, we stepped into this thinking it will be a breeze. Well this is no lollipop guild. You are harnessed in the air, and you will use muscles you didn’t know existed. Add performance and lines to this and you truly get how talented these kids are!

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Yes, Ender’s Game put us through the boot camp, and we enjoyed every minute of it. We will never diss a space segment again. Man, Zero Gravity is hard!

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Be sure to purchase Ender’s Game on DVD and Blu-ray available Feb 11th!

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