Stan Lee suggests ways to improve Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


A few days ago we told you about Clark Gregg calling those who have stopped watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD losers. Well, now Stan Lee is chiming in on the conversation about the ABC show that continues to fall in ratings. IGN spoke with Mr. Lee recently, and they mentioned how Agent Coulson is a primary character on the show even though he was never a comic book character. They then asked if he felt that it was interesting for the show to branch out like that.

“Well, I guess they felt they had to have some normal people — or seemingly normal people — and certainly Clark is doing a very good job playing the role. I just feel that we also need more colorful characters to be popping up all the time. I don’t mean that Clark isn’t colorful as an actor, but what I mean is characters who as comic book characters are more colorful.”

It was announced recently that Deathlok and Lady Sif would be making appearances on the show. After being asked if he was excited about these characters interacting with the SHIELD agents, Lee said:

“Yeah, that will be great. I think that’s what the show needs. I think people will tune in to see those characters and will enjoy seeing them in the context of being with normal people on a normal mission.”

Stan Lee himself will appear on this Tuesday’s episode of the show to, most likely, boost ratings, but if you ask me, it’s not the lack of recognizable comic book characters that’s hurting the show (although that doesn’t help). It’s the lack of interesting writing and the fact that the show feels like every other network police drama. If the creators want the show to be successful, they should look to HBO or AMC for some inspiration.

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