Coulson calls fans who stopped watching Agents of SHIELD losers


It’s no secret that many fans have trailed off since ABC debuted their Avengers-driven television series, Agents of SHIELD. The series started off strong viewership worldwide, but as of late the show is beginning to see a dip in its numbers. When asked what he thought of the fans who no longer watches the show, Agent Coulson himself did not have kind words for the deserters.

Those aren’t geeks. Those are losers. You start to have people like Deathlok showing up; You start to understand that a bunch of these different episodes were connected. A lot of the geeks that I respect most…are very excited about where we’re going. So I’m going to choose to work for them.


::Cue angry mob::

As much as I would like to leave it at that and send fanboys everywhere raging, Clark Gregg does quickly retract his statement.

I guess I don’t mean to say that people who have been frustrated by that discovery period are necessarily losers. I just think they should be, perhaps, a little more patient.

Oh, we have been more than patient. Not even Cloe Bennet’s cleavage could keep me interested in the show now.  Wait, hold on a second…
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……………yeah, no. Still not watching it.

We here at the “Nerdberg” have almost unanimously shun the series. Even with the inclusion of Deathlok and the much hyped Stan Lee episode, you have to wonder if it will be enough to win back some of the fans that have already written the show off with only a few episodes left in the season. Stay tuned, Reactorteers!

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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