Stream every episode of Gargoyles on YouTube!



Yes, Gargoyles, the cult ‘90s Disney cartoon, has been uploaded (legally) on YouTube! Disney Shows uploaded the first, second AND third season about a year ago and no one really noticed. We agree with Nerdist when we say that’s a crying shame.

Gargoyles aired from 1994-1996 during the Disney Afternoon block, which also featured other classic cartoons such as DuckTales, TaleSpin, Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers and more! Seriously, look it up there’s some great shows that came from the Disney Afternoon block.

If you’re not a ‘90s kid or haven’t been born yet, I strongly suggest you click on the links above and watch them all. You’ll thank us later.

Are you ready to join (rejoin) Goliath, Brooklyn, Hudson, Lexington, Bronx and Broadway on their adventure through New York City?

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