Disney photoshops Black Widow into Barbie

Photoshop disasters are nothing new, but it seems not even Disney is too big to fail miserably at the photo alternation game. The company behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been getting some flak since they released four new posters for the film yesterday, one of which features a heavily photoshopped Scarlett Johansson. With her waist being not much wider than the width of her face, one arm being longer than the other by several inches, and hips narrower than what are perhaps the roundest breasts in the world, Black Widow looks about as structurally sound as a Barbie doll.


So fellow Nerd Reactor writer Joe Gonzalez and I decided to have a little fun, and see what it would be like if other Avengers were given a similar treatment.

Captain America Photoshop

That looks healthy and strong, right?

What’s funny is that Disney really should know better by now, since this isn’t the first time that the way that Black Widow is being depicted on a movie poster has fallen under criticism. When the original Avengers poster was revealed, many criticized Black Widow’s passive butt-flaunting pose in comparison to the very active poses of the rest of the male cast. In response, Disney actually changed the poster before the film’s release.

Now I’m not here to say that all image retouching is evil and destroying our youth, because it isn’t. Removing a skin blemish or smoothing out panty-lines on an actress for your movie poster is okay; one of the reasons that we enjoy movies so much is that they allow us to see beautiful people. But to totally change an actress’ body-type to one that is not physically possible for anyone to obtain without thousands of dollars in surgery and an industrial grade corset for maximum organ compression is a different story. Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful woman all by herself, and her curvy shape is one of the many features she has working in her favour. The woman on this poster doesn’t look like she can support her own body weight, let alone kick serious ass.¬†Hopefully Disney will pay a little more attention this time rather than earning a strike three.

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