Spinal trailer gives the good chills

SpinalDouble Helix finally released the teaser trailer for their soon-to-be-released character, Spinal. And sweet mother of Odin if this doesn’t get you hyped then I don’t know what will.

The trailer shows off some of Spinal’s gameplay, as well as his stage and badass theme. Spinal retains his ability to block attacks with his shield to gain skulls that power up his moves, as well as his teleport and his divekick. He also has moves that summon skeletal hands that grab the opponent and throw them around, giving him some interesting combo options.

The cinematography of the trailer is simply amazing, as it paints Spinal as the crazy, creepy skeleton that players remember him as. Also, that laugh. That goddamn trollish laugh. Check the trailer out below (courtesy of IGN).

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