Cyber Heist: What a co-op game needs

Last weekend our podcast, Videogame BANG!, wanted to focus in on indie games. My co-host Aaron Carter came to the group with a list of winners from the Indie Games Festival. We watched all the trailers, and read all the articles. Like all games some left no impression on us at all *coughENGAREcough*, while others looked extremely promising. Cyber Heist was the game that caught our eye, and less than 24 hours after we released the podcast the game released its free Alpha.

cybery heist

One of the appeals of video games for my co-host and me is the community and teamwork aspect. Let me pause to make a distinction here, there is a massive difference between “multiplayer” and “co-op”. Any game can have multiplayer. In my podcastular opinion. Multiplayer is when a game just takes the single player experience and opens it up to play with a friend, for example Dead Rising 3 or Fable 3. Co-op or Cooperative games require two players that have an objective that is built upon teamwork, meaning you cannot win alone. Example of this for me would be Portal 2 or Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Each player has a unique skill set, and the different players must fill unique roles.

cybery heist hacker thief

Cyber Heist is the definition of a great co-op concept. Essentially one of you play as a hacker, and the other player is the thief. The thief gets to play in a first-person stealth-type role, while the hacker’s game has a completely different interface. For the most part you are playing totally different games, which hase the exact same goal. As an indie podcast, it feels like my responsibility to make sure to do anything I can to spread the word about this game. It also helps that the dev team looks like a genuinely great group of dudes.

cybery heist devs

Keep in mind that it is an alpha, and there are bugs and glitches. If I’m forced to gripe, the only issue I see is that at this point there seems to be no storyline or explanation of what you are doing and why. What’s important is that if you are a social gamer, and have been looking for a game like this, please support this game and show the industry that we are getting a little tired of the same old lazy multiplayer and want some innovation in the co-op gaming space.

The game is available for free download in its alpha state right now! Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are.


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